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My Mother's Voice by Dr. Kay Mouradian

Meet Dr. Kay Mouradian

Kay Mouradian, author of My Mother’s Voice, is one of several authors participating in the Live On Green event at the Pasadena Convention Center on December 29,30, and 31. She will talk to interested persons about her mother Flora and have available the book and documentary about her mother’s tragedies during the Armenian genocide as a fourteen year old, including being sold to a Turk for his harem. Premiering at the Toronto’s Pomegranate Film Festival, My Mother’s Voice received Honorable Mention in the Dr. Michael J. Hagopian Award and was an official selection in several film festivals. This is a link to the one minute trailer.

Recently two Glendale drama teachers started developing My Mother’s Voice into a musical. With four preview performances, including one at the Armenian Consulate, the play was deeply meaningful for our Armenian community.

Professor Mouradian holds a doctorate in education from Nova Southeastern University and degrees from Boston University and UCLA. She is an advocate for the Armenian genocide finding its rightful place in history and has helped influence the California Department of Education to require a deeper recognition of the Armenian genocide in their most recent 10th grade history/social studies framework.

She took an emotional “roots” trip to Turkey to visit the village where her mother and her mother’s family along with 25,000 other Armenians were forced to leave their homes during the Armenian genocide. Traveling across the deportation route where more than two million Turkish Armenians were forced to march hundreds of miles into the oppressive deserts of Syria was heartrending. The haunting footsteps of the deportees hugged Dr. Mouradian and wouldn’t let go until she ceded that human transgression onto paper. MY MOTHER’S VOICE is the story of that injustice, the unquestioning effects of deep and long ethnic hatred.

Her other publications include the books Reflective Meditation: a Mind Calming Technique and A Guide for Those Teaching Yoga in the Community Colleges. She has also contributed articles in several magazines and newspapers.

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