Who is Dr. Rubina Peroomian?

Dr. Rubina Peroomian

Meet Dr. Rubina Peroomian

Dr. Rubina Peroomian’s academic endeavors focus on the study of the literature of the Armenian Genocide. Through her publications (Literary Responses to Catastrophe, A Comparison of the Armenian and the Jewish Experience [1993], And those who continued Living in Turkey after 1915 [2008, 2012], The Armenian Genocide in Literature, Perceptions of those who Lived through the Years of Calamity [2012, 2014], The Armenian Genocide in Literature, The Second Generation Responds [2015]), she has come to tell the story of the Armenian Genocide, to speak out to the world for those who fell victim to Turkish barbarism, to tell the story of the resilience and hope of those who survived and continued to struggle for justice. She has recently published the life story of her father, My Father, A Man of Courage and Perseverance, A survivor of Stalin’s GULAG (2017), who returned to his family to tell the world about life in the notorious labor camps of Siberia.

With a strong belief in information and education, she has presented papers in international symposi, delivered lectures, authored textbooks and developed curriculum—age proper material, teachers’ guide, and worksheets—for teaching the Armenian Genocide to students of all ages. She is the recipient of many awards, the latest of which is the “Armenian Genocide Education Legacy Award” granted by the ANCA Genocide Education Committee, March 23, 2019.

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