Who is Hamazkayin’s Nairi Dance Group?

Niari Dance Group 2019

Meet Hamazkayin’s Nairi Dance Group

Hamazkayin’s “Barouyr-Sevag” Valley chapter HAS INSPIRED our community for more than 30 years, with instrumental Cultural successes, humbled with unparalleled respective volunteer’s platform of shared experiences. In course of the road displayed, “HAMAZKAYIN’s “BAROUYR SEVAG” NIARI DANCE GROUP was initiated by Mrs. Catherine Hairabedian in the yr 2000 - with only a handful of participants, followed by Mr. Ari Libaridian’s valuable commitment to partner and lead the Dance group to various level of successes in the American and Armenian Societies Cultural Events with their exquisite performances, as well, our strong belief of our pillar of volunteer hands - the Parents, committee members, and of course, the pulse of the Chapter’s Existence, the HONORABLE DONATION MAKERS, FUNDRAISERS & Contributors who are envious examples.

Over the years Hamazkayin’s Niari Dance Group enhanced with 100ds of performances. Invitations to perform in royal venues and events such being to travel and perform in Argentina and for the ARMENIAN HERITAGE CRUISE in the Caribbean on board MSC Cruiselines. Niari dance group Proudly marched and danced twice at the Rose Parade along with the ARMENIAN FLOAT.

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