Who is Our Emcee, Joe Borges?

Live On Green Emcee Joe Borges

Meet Our Emcee, Joe Borges

From retail store owner to artist management to business consultant, Joe has worn many hats. Life, however, had other plans for Borges when, in 2016, he suffered a major hemorrhagic stroke. Since then, he's been on a journey of selfdiscovery and seeking out what truly gives him joy in life. In addition to being the host of his podcast, 'The NeuroNerds,' he’s also a blogger/writer, comedian, host, world traveller and constantly striving to try new things.

Joe is on a mission to create a life worthy of the gift he was given when he survived his stroke which includes giving back to other survivors like himself. Young stroke and brain injury survivors often have trouble finding a community so Joe is creating his own through not only his podcast at TheNeuroNerds.com, but also his blog JoeSoRocks.com where he writes about his journey and features other survivor stories in its ‘YouSoRock’ section. He also has created a support group on Facebook called ‘YouSoRock’ and is in constant contact with survivors through his social media channels. Joe's podcast and blog are now the most important elements in his life as he can now share his opinions and positive outlook on life as a stroke survivor. Through these outlets, he speaks to mind/body transformation, personal growth and so on; while also entertaining his listeners with nerd and pop culture from films, video games and everything in between.

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