Who is The Pasadena Chalk Festival and Shaina Joel?

Meet The Pasadena Chalk Festival and Shaina Joel

For centuries artists (known in Italy as “Madonnari” or street painters) have painted beautiful images on the boulevards and squares of great cities, using the pavements as the street surfaces as their canvas. After World War II, scores of itinerant artists made their living from the unique art of street painting. Currently prestigious cultural festivals in Europe, North and South America celebrate this traditional art form and have become popular attractions for artists, art lovers and people from all walks of life.

About Shaina Joel

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I recognized my passion for art at the age of 7 after volunteering to draw at a local chalk festival. I enjoyed it so much that I have continued to attend this annual event for the last 15 years along with volunteering at numerous others across Southern California. In total I've participated in over 30 festivals and have received over a dozen awards for my work along the way. Chalk continues to be my favorite medium, allowing me to be hands on and create art pieces on a large scale. I also use my creativity within my professional career. I currently work as a digital marketing coordinator specializing in social media, photography and graphic design for an accessory company called Rastaclat. I enjoy seeing the quality of my work improve with each project I complete and plan to continue pursuing street art as a life long hobby.

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