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Sue B. Dance Company

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The legacy of Sue B. Dance Company began with Eugene “Pineapple” Jackson. In 1922, Eugene Jackson started tap dancing for nickels and dimes on the streets of Los Angeles oon after, Jackson landed the role of “Pineapple” in Hal Roach’s endearing 1924 comedy series Our Gang. Jackson broke away from the other “little rascals” for a solo career that saw him become the first African American child star in talkies, appearing in 1929’s Hearts in Dixie. At age 16, his personal vaudeville tour visited 89 cities in 16 states. A true trailblazer, Jackson opened many doors for other African American performers.

In 1960, “Pineapple” started Sue Carol’s School of Dance, named after his youngest daughter, in his garage. By 1968, Eugene had expanded, relocated, and renamed his dance school, Stage Workshop. Students came from all over the Los Angeles area to learn to dance. The students appeared in showcases and competitions, thus building a reputation of being a dance school of the highest caliber.

In 1990, Sue opened Sue B. Dance Company in Pasadena. This new dance company was established to meet the needs of the youth population in the Pasadena/Altadena community and has been instrumental to those with aspirations of becoming performers. As an important part of the artistic development of children for almost 30 years, Sue B. Dance Company has positively affected the self- confidence, cultural connectedness and social awareness of its participating youth through its dance programs.

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