The Live On Green Smoothie


This smoothie, which takes about 5 minutes to make, was just one of the recipes featured at the 2016 Live On Green Family Festival.


    • 4 cup Dole baby spinach
    • 3/4 cup vanilla soy milk
    • 1/2 cup Dole pineapple juice, chilled
    • 1 cup Dole Frozen mango chunks
    • 1 Dole banana
  • Method
    1. Combine spinach, soy milk and pineapple juice in blender or food processor. Cover. Blend until smooth scraping down sides if necessary.
    2. Add mango chunks and banana. Cover. Blend until smooth.
    3. Serve with a skewer of spinach, banana bite and mango bites.
    4. Make it festive with a red striped paper straw!

Crafted By

Ally Phillips

Yield3 servings

Prep Time5 min


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