Tsire Fruit & Veggie Spears


The West African spice blend tsire adds an exciting dimension to plain ol' fruits and vegetables. This combination of warm and aromatic spices with coarsely ground nuts brings out flavors you never knew existed. While tsire is typically used on meat, I decided there's a little vegetarian in all of us and and we should extend the essence of tsire's goodness to the sweet fruits and succulent vegetables we all need. The hint of "texture" in this spice blend adds to the experience and may just make you want to eat your fruits and veggies more often.


    • 6 10-inch wooden skewers, previously soaked in water for at least an hour
    • 1 large yam or sweet potato, peeled & cut into 15 cubes
    • 1 large eggplant, washed, ends removed, cut into 12 cubes
    • 9 pieces of DOLE pineapple chunks, canned or fresh
    • 1/4 cup DOLE frozen mango, thawed and cut into smaller pieces
    • 3 whole pitted dates, cut into halves
    • cooking spray
    • 1/3 cup tsire seasoning mixture
  • Method
    1. Heat your grill to 400-500 degrees. Put the yam or sweet potato cubes in a microwave-safe bowl with 3 tablespoons water. Microwave on high 4 minutes; drain and cool.
    2. Coat skewers with cooking spray. You'll be assembling 3 veggie wooden skewers and 3 fruit skewers. For the veggie skewers, alternate 5 yam or sweet potato cubes with 4 eggplant pieces. On each fruit skewer, place 3 pieces of pineapple and mango, 2 halved dates, and 2 fig halves. Place the assembled skewers on a large parchment paper-lined baking sheet and coat them well with cooking spray, turning as needed to coat thoroughly. Liberally scatter the tsire seasoning on the skewers, turning to coat all sides. Press the seasoning in with your hands.
    3. Set the skewers on the hot grill, close the cover, and cook 10-15 minutes until done, carefully turning them with tongs several times during cooking to rotate them. Remove and cover with foil until serving.

Crafted By

Ally Phillips

Yield3 servings

Prep Time25 min

Cook Time10 min


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